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Committee Member Application

  1. Membership Application
    You must be a resident of Nicollet County to be eligible for membership.
  2. Please note whether the appointment being requested is new, whether you are a youth or an adult, and whether it is a reappointment.
  3. If you have previously served on a Nicollet County committee, provide the years and length of service.
  4. Please list the committee(s) you would be interested in serving on.
  5. Briefly tell us why you are interested in serving or continuing to serve on this board, commission or committee.
  6. If this is a reappointment, briefly describe your experiences while serving on this board, commission, or committee.
  7. Please list any special background or experience which would be helpful to this board, commission, or committee.
  8. List your education background.
  9. List any social, fraternal, patriotic, governmental, or service organizations which you have or currently are serving on.
  10. If you are employed, please provide the name and address of your employer and your position.
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