Can I get an emergency permit to carry?
Emergency permits may be issued by the sheriff if he/she determines that the person is in an emergency situation that may constitute an immediate risk to the safety of the person or someone residing in the person's household.

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1. Where can I apply for a permit to carry a pistol?
2. Can I apply for a permit to carry if I am not a U.S. citizen but have permanent resident alien status in the United States?
3. Can I apply for my permit by mail?
4. What are the requirements for getting a permit to carry?
5. What is the process for obtaining or renewing my permit to carry?
6. When is a permit to carry not required?
7. Where can I find a list of approved firearms training classes?
8. If I am a non-resident, must I take an approved firearms training class in Minnesota in order to get a Minnesota permit to carry?
9. Do members of the military need to take additional firearms training in order to apply for a permit to carry?
10. What is the cost for a permit to carry?
11. How long do I have to wait to get my permit?
12. How long is my permit valid?
13. Can I get an emergency permit to carry?
14. What would prevent me from getting a permit to carry?
15. Where is my Minnesota permit valis?
16. Do I need to have my permit to carry card with me when carrying a pistol?
17. Do I have to disclose to a peace officer that I am a permit holder and carrying a firearm?
18. Do I need to notify the Sheriff's Office when I move?
19. Does the address on my permit to carry need to match the address on my driver's license?
20. If I have a permit to carry, do I have to conceal the pistol?
21. What do I do if my permit card is lost or destroyed?
22. If I have a permit to carry a pistol, do I need to apply for a permit to purchase if I want to purchase a handgun?
23. Where am I prohibited from carrying my pistol?
24. Can private establishments prohibit carrying pistols on their premises?
25. Can my landlord restrict me from carrying or possessing firearms on residence prmises?
26. Can I prohibit firearms in my private residence?
27. If I am a resident of a state that does not have reciprocity with Minnesota but have a permit to carry from a state that does, may I carry in Minnesota?
28. How can I legally transport a firearm without obtaining a permit to carry?
29. Is there a public list of unpermitted holders?
30. Where do I renew my permit to carry?
31. When can I renew my permit?