What functions does the office do when there isn't a disaster?

Responding and recovery from disaster is just a small part of functions of the Emergency Management Office. The office is responsible for:

  • Applying for state and federal grants
  • Compiling periodic reports and reviews that need to be submitted to state offices
  • Coordinating various exercises to test the plan
  • Educating the public on emergency management
  • Participating in ongoing trainings in Emergency Management
  • Providing assistance to local jurisdictions and county agencies before, during and after disasters strike
  • Updates and revisions to the County Emergency Operations Plan

Nicollet County Emergency Management (NCEM) works closely with local, state and federal officials and cooperatively with neighboring jurisdictions, to better prepare for and respond to incidents ranging from tornadoes to terrorism to pandemics. To learn more about the office, visit the Emergency Management webpage.

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2. What functions does the office perform when there is either a man-made or natural disaster?
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4. What functions does the office do when there isn't a disaster?