Truancy & Educational Neglect

Education plays a critical role in the development of youth to ensure the individual can reach their individual potential as well as their ability to contribute in a positive way to our community.  The Nicollet County Attorney’s Office recognizes that children miss school for many complex reasons and addressing those reasons pose unique challenges. Therefore, the Nicollet County Attorney’s Office is committed to meeting those challenges to ensure that the youth of Nicollet County receive a quality education.  

The County Attorney’s Office utilizes a truancy diversion program to address school absences outside of the court system.  The diversion program involves meetings with the student and parents, an attendance contract, and identification of issues that led to the student missing school.  If the diversion is not successful, a truancy petition is filed with the Court to further address the student’s absences from school.

Stakeholders for Educational Success

Nicollet County Attorney Michelle Zehnder Fischer established a group called Stakeholders for Educational Success that regularly meets to coordinate efforts between social services, the schools, the medical community, and the psychological community to keep kids in school.