Home and Community Based Services

The Home and Community Based Services unit offers assistance to elderly and/or disabled persons looking for community based services and resources.  Please call 507-934-8562 to begin the intake process. 


Alternative Care

Alternative Care (AC) is a state funded cost sharing program that supports certain home and community-based services for eligible Minnesotans age 65 and older.

Elderly Waiver

Elderly Waiver (EW) funds home and community based services of people age 65 and older who are eligible for MA (Medical Assistance), meet level of care eligibility, and choose to live in the community.  

Essential Community Support

Community-based services for people age 65 or older who do not meet NF (nursing facility) level of care criteria, who are not eligible for MA (Medical Assistance), who do meet ECS financial guideline, and would benefit from a small menu of services.