Floodplain Management

Reducing Flood Damage

With over 300 miles of rivers and unnamed streams located within Nicollet County, the potential of flooding and the damage that results from it can be devastating. Floodplain is the low, flat, periodically flooded lands adjacent to rivers, streams, and lakes that are subject to land shaping and water flow processes.

The floodplain consists of:

  • Floodway – Land immediately adjoining the river channel that is the natural conduit for flood waters. 
  • Flood Fringe – Remainder of the floodplain lying outside of the floodway. This area is generally covered by shallow, slow-moving flood waters. 
  • General floodplain areas – Areas outside of the floodway and flood fringe and below the .2% (500 yr.) floodplain.

Limiting Various Activities

Floodplain management incorporates a community’s actions for reducing flood damage. Construction, development, and use activities within the various areas of floodplain may be limited.

FEMA Map Update

Preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS) Report and Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIMR) panels have replaced the Preliminary FIS report and FIRM panels previously released on March 31, 2011, and September 12, 2018. These revised Preliminary FIS report and FIRM panels include the following changes:

  • Accreditation of the Minnesota River – North Mankato levee located on FIRM panels 0410H an 0417H.

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Floodplain Maps are available through our Map Viewer link below.

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