Appointments required for County Services

Starting November 30, The Nicollet County Government Center in St. Peter and Nicollet County Health & Human Services Buildings in St. Peter and North Mankato will be providing service by appointment only.  This change in service delivery is necessary due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases occurring.

According to County Administrator Ryan Krosch, “Modification to service delivery is being done to protect the health and safety of County staff and residents from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  We are doing everything we can to still provide services to those who need them while also trying to limit person-to-person contact. We are still open for business, just not in the traditional way.”

Public Services

Effective November 30, Public Services will require appointments for all services that require in-person service, including the License Center. 

We encourage you to use our drop box outside the main doors at the Government Center for tab renewals.  We will promptly process those transactions and mail back your tabs as soon as possible.  You may also use our drop box for all property tax payments. 

You may also mail your tab renewals or tax payments to:

Nicollet County Public Services

501 S Minnesota Ave

St Peter MN  56082

Please click here to book an appointment with Public Services for the following services:

  1. Driver’s License and ID’s
    • If renewing a driver’s license, please pre-apply online here before coming in.
    • If you are upgrading to a REAL ID or Enhanced Driver’s License, please make sure to bring all required documents, if you are missing documents, we will not be able to assist you.
    • The REAL ID deadline has been extended to October 2021
    • Reminder, the Governor has extended the expirations of all driver’s license to 30 days beyond the current Peacetime Emergency.
  2. Title transfers & other title related transactions
  3. Tab Renewals
  4. DNR transactions
  5. Birth Certificates
  6. Death Certificates
  7. Marriage Certificates/License
  8. Property Tax Payments

Please call the License Center at (507) 934-7806 for additional information.

Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services staff are available to complete the majority of services through phone, e-mail, and virtual meetings as needed. Limited curbside services (ex. requesting copies of documents, EBT card issuance, or using our loan closet services) are available by appointment through No Wait Inside. We will not be offering the use of our lobby computers. You can use these links to set up an appointment: 

St. Peter - 

North Mankato -

If you have questions, please contact your worker or call Health and Human Services at (507) 934-8559 and you will be directed to the correct worker or services.

Power Up Clubhouse is still temporarily closed. Please call (507) 934-4444 or visit for more information.

Loan Closet services are available by appointment only. Please call (507) 934-8559 to set up an appointment and to fill out paperwork over the phone.


Nicollet County Probation will remain open for the purpose of participating in Court hearing obligations, to address immediate public safety needs, and to enforce Court orders.

Persons who have business with probation that does not require entry into the Courthouse may reach us by phone: (507) 934-7882 or by U.S. Mail: 501 South Minnesota Ave, St. Peter, MN 56082 or by emailing Director Rich Molitor:

In person meetings can be arranged by contacting your agent directly, or by calling (507) 934-7882 and scheduling a date and time for entry into the Government Center or North Mankato Offices. 

Property Assessment

COVID-19 Property Assessment Inspection Policy

Property Services

Property Services will be available to process the following land use inquiries and items via phone, email, mail and in person by appointment: 

  • Zoning Permits
  • Variance/Conditional Use Permit/Replat/Rezone Applications
  • Septic System Permits
  • Wetland Related Permits

Payment can be made by check, cash, or credit card that includes a convenience fee.

In the event that an on-site visit is warranted, and reasonable means of verification have been exhausted, we will take extreme caution to make that visit. Social distancing guidelines will be utilized.

COVID-19 Septic Inspection and Soils Verification Protocol Policy

COVID-19 Site Visit Policy

COVID-19 Zoning Permit Policy

Questions can be directed to (507) 934-7074.


Title researchers and passport applicants are by appointment only.

Effective November 30, 2020, the Nicollet County Recorder’s office will discontinue the taking of passport photos until further notice.  Passport applications will continue to be processed although the applicant will need to provide the photograph.

Questions can be directed to Nicollet County Recorder’s Office at (507) 934-7320 or by email

Court Administration

If you have a court case scheduled in Nicollet County District Court, call (507) 934-7850 to determine if your case will be heard in person or remotely. 

Efforts will be made to accommodate remote appearances for every scheduled hearing.  Some hearings must be held in person but you will be notified if your hearing is being held in person or remotely and you will be provided with instructions if you must attend remotely.

PLEASE NOTE: If you must visit the Nicollet County Courthouse, please be aware of the following changes:

  • You will be required to wear a mask or face covering.  Please bring one with you.  If you choose not to wear a mask, you may be asked to leave and this will be deemed to be non-appearance on your part if you have a hearing or court administration staff may not be able to assist you if are here to do other business.
  • The courthouse building will be locked effective November 30, 2020, although court administration can be accessed from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by calling (507) 934-7850 to discuss your business need with court administration staff.  The entrance located on Mulberry Street should be used to access the building if you need to do business in person.
  • Court filings can be submitted through US Mail to Court Administration, 501 S Minnesota Ave, St. Peter MN 56082
  • Court filings can be submitted through the Minnesota electronic filing system or EFS, see for more information regarding electronic filing.

You may contact court administration by email at  

We are taking extra measures to sanitize and clean court facilities to ensure a safe experience and these measures should not adversely affect a litigant’s case in any way.