Wetland Conservation Act

Wetland Conservation Act Administration

The Nicollet County Property Services Department administers the state Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) for the County. The City of North Mankato and the City of Courtland administer the WCA within their respective municipal boundaries.

The purpose of the Wetland Conservation Act is:

  • To maintain and protect Minnesota’s wetlands and the benefits they provide;
  • To retain the benefits of wetlands and reach the Minnesota Legislation’s goal of no-net-loss of wetlands in quantity, quality, and biological diversity of Minnesota’s existing wetlands;
  • To increase and avoid direct or indirect impacts to the quantity, quality, and biological diversity of wetlands; and
  • To replace wetland values where avoidance of activity is not feasible and prudent.

More information on the WCA Administrative Rule Chapter 8420 can be found at:

For more specific information regarding a particular property or location, or any questions concerning wetland types, rules, regulations and other general concerns, please contact Nicollet County Property Services at (507) 934-7070.

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Wetland Definition (PDF)

Other Contacts:

Mike Fischer
City of North Mankato
1001 Belgrade Ave.
North Mankato, MN 56003
(507) 625-4141
Dan Donyare
City of Courtland
1960 Premier Dr.
Mankato, MN 56001
(507) 625-4171