County Wheelage Tax

What is a "Wheelage Tax"?

It is a tax added to your current vehicle registration fee (license plate tab) that is paid to the County to provide funding for transportation needs. The Nicollet County Board of Commissioners approved the collection beginning in 2016.

How much is it?

Current Minnesota Law (MN 163.051) allows $20 per registered vehicle.

How much money will be annually generated by the Wheelage Tax?

About $261,000 per year.

Are other counties implementing a Wheelage Tax?

Nicollet County is one of 52 counties which have implemented the wheelage tax. For a list of counties who have implemented the wheelage tax click here.

If Wheelage Tax were not charged, what would be the result?

If the County didn't receive the wheelage taxes, property taxes would need to be increased to pay for the County's road and bridge projects. 

To what type of vehicles does the tax apply?

The tax applies to vehicles that are required to be registered annually, such as passenger vehicles and trucks. Vehicles that do not require annual registration, such as semi-trailers or small utility trailers with lifetime registration do not pay the wheelage tax. Motorcycles, mopeds and vehicles with tax exempt or collector plates are all exempt from wheelage tax. 

If I live in another county that does not have a wheelage tax but work in Nicollet County, is tax due?

No. The tax is based on where the vehicle is kept, not parked during the course of the day.

Will I be charged wheelage tax if I live in Nicollet County and purchase tabs in another county?

If your car is located in Nicollet County, you will pay the wheelage tax regardless where you buy your tabs.

What can the money be used for?

The money can only be used for transportation needs including maintenance and new construction.