RecordEASE Web

RecordEASE Web is an online service providing paid subscribers access to the land records maintained by the Nicollet County Recorder/Registrar of Titles.

KEY Features:

  • Ability to query/inquire on Tract Index and limit or expand results with multiple search criteria  
  • Ability to Print Search Results  
  • Access to Abstract Tract Card which displays search results in the same manner as historic tract pages
  • Ability to view and download Current or Canceled Certificates of Title
  • Access to Plat Maps 

RecordEASE Web Fee Schedule 

  • Setup Fee: $50.00 per Subscriber
  • Monthly Subscription Fee*: $50.00 per Subscriber
  • View Recorded Documents: $2.00 per document
  • View Certificates of Title (Torrens): $3.00 per certificate
  • View Tract Card: $5.00 per tract

*The monthly subscription fee is charged whether or not the system is accessed during the month.

A RecordEASE Web "Subscription Agreement (PDF)" form must be signed and returned, along with the applicable fees to our office.

RecordEASE Web Access - Occasional User Fees-with CREDIT CARD

  • Access fee:  $10.00
  • Data Search: $.50 per search
  • View document: $2.00
  • View Torrens Cert: $3.00
  • View Tract Card:  $5.00 per tract

RecordEASE website access

The RecordEASE website has been designed for use as a search tool for information on individual property parcels. Multiple parcel data downloads, screen scraping programs or other computer extraction techniques are strictly prohibited. Nicollet County reserves the right to deny site access to any individual or entity determined to be misusing the site.