Work Release (Huber)

Huber is a privilege that allows an inmate to go to work while they are incarcerated. The judge must grant Huber and then the jail will verify the employment and determine whether all requirements are met. The fact that Huber has been granted does not guarantee that you will be allowed out to work.

Offenders that have been granted Huber / Work Release must meet with the jail programmer prior to starting their jail time. It is strongly recommended that you make contact immediately following your court hearing to begin the process. You will not be allowed out on release until the proper paperwork has been completed and the job has been verified. You may contact the jail programmer Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at 507-934-7112.

Program Guidelines

  • Huber inmates are not allowed to go anywhere but to their job site while out on Huber. You must bring all necessary clothes with you. Laundry facilities are available for inmates to wash their own clothing.
  • Huber inmates are responsible for all of their medical expenses.
  • The $15 booking fee must be paid before an inmate can be released for Huber.
  • Huber inmates sentenced in Nicollet County must pay the jail $20 per day from the first day they go out to work through the end of incarceration.  This includes all days whether the inmate works or has the day off.
  • Huber inmates sentenced in other counties that wish to report to the Nicollet County Jail for Huber must provide an order from the Judge stating that they can report to Nicollet County at the inmates expense.  Out of County Huber inmates must pay the jail $60 per day from the first day of incarceration through the end of incarceration.
  • Huber inmates must submit to and pass a U.A. prior to being allowed release for work. There is a $20 charge for the U.A.
  • If you are granted Huber, you are expected to report to jail with a job in place. If you are unemployed you may be allowed to go to a job service to apply but you will not be allowed to go door to door to businesses to see if they are hiring.
  • Inmates may not work more than 6 days in a row and no more than 48 hours per week. Work weeks may be extended to 60 hours per week (including travel time) under special circumstances, contact the jail programmer for review.