Septic Systems

Septic Systems

Most rural households do not have access to municipal sewage treatment systems and need a way of properly treating and disposing of waste water. Basic information concerning operation and maintenance of septic systems is provided online by the University of Minnesota.

Video - Protecting your drinking water: Wells and Septic Systems

Point of Sale

A sale or transfer of property requires your septic system be inspected by a state licensed inspector prior to the sale. A valid certificate of compliance or notice of non compliance is required at closing.

Straight Pipes

Straight pipe systems deposit sewage directly to a lake or a stream, a drainage system, or a yard. They are a threat to our environment and our health. Read about straight pipe systems in the Straight Pipe Fact Sheet (PDF).

Loan Program

We currently have loan money available for residents to upgrade their existing systems through the Nicollet County Septic Loan Program. To learn more about this program, please view our Septic Loan Brochure or call (507) 934-7070.

Septic System Installation

Septic system installation begins with the design of the system by a licensed septic designer who will consider the location of utilities, soil borings (PDF) for soil characteristics and make calculations according to MN Rule 7080-7081. Installation of the approved design can then be done under a zoning permit by a licensed septic installer. Inspection of the installation will be done by county personnel to confirm compliance with the design.