Driver's Licenses

What is Real ID??

REAL IDs set the requirements for state driver’s licenses and identification cards to be accepted for federal purposes such as boarding an airplane for domestic travel or entering certain secure federal facilities. REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses and identification cards are currently available in Minnesota. Starting May 7, 2025, you will need a REAL ID, Enhanced driver’s license or ID or passport to board domestic flights or enter federal facilities.

Click below to see the list of documents required for each type of ID:

Standard Identification (PDF)

Real Identification (PDF)

Enhanced Identification (PDF)

Want to save time? Click on the following link to fill out the driver’s license pre app. Please understand that if you choose to do the pre app online you will still need to come in to an office to complete the request.

*Due to the complexity and longer wait times, please arrive no later than 3:45 pm to allow sufficient process time for DL & ID transactions.


Driver's license type and fees

License TypeFee
Class A Regular
Class A (Under age 21)$30.25
Class B, (Regular or Under Age 21)$42.25
Class C (Regular or Under Age 21)$35.25
School Bus Processing Fee (Original and Renewal Application)$4.00
Class D (Regular or Under Age 21)$31.25
Provisional Driver's License$18.50
Class D Provisional License Upgrade to Under Age 21 License
(No Violations on Record Gives a $3.50 credit)
Duplicate Driver's License/Identification Card (All Classes)$17.00
Additional Enhanced Driver's License Renewal and duplicate fee (this is in addition to whatever your regular renewal or duplicate fee is.)$15.00

Identification Cards

Under Age 65$21.50
Age 65 and Older$20.75
Card for person with physical disability, developmental disability, or qualified mental illness$0.50

Permits & Endorsements

Type            Fee
Class D Instruction Permit (Valid for 2 Years)$15.50
Class A, B, or C Instruction Permit$10.50
Endorsement Examination Fees$2.50
Motorcycle Instruction Permit Endorsement Fee$29.00
Motorcycle Endorsement Renewal (2 Wheel Only)$17.00
Standby or Temporary Custodian Designation$4.25

​Road tests and knowledge exams are performed on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. They are available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please visit the DVS site. Please note that Nicollet County staff does not have access to the schedule.