Driver's Licenses

License Type
Class A Regular$44.25
Class A (Under age 21)$24.25
Class B, (Regular or Under Age 21)$36.25
Class C (Regular or Under Age 21)$29.25
School Bus Processing Fee (Original and Renewal Application)$4.00
Class D (Regular or Under Age 21)$25.25
Provisional Driver's License$16.25
Class D Provisional License Upgrade to Under Age 21 License
(No Violations on Record Gives a $3.50 credit)
Duplicate Driver's License/Identification Card (All Classes)$14.75

Identification Cards

Under Age 65$19.25
Age 65 and Older$16.50
Card for person with physical disability, developmental disability, or qualified mental illness$0.50

Permits & Endorsements

Class D Instruction Permit (Valid for 2 Years)$13.25
Class A, B, or C Instruction Permit--
Endorsement Examination Fees$2.50
Motorcycle Instruction Permit Endorsement Fee$21.00
Motorcycle Endorsement Renewal (2 Wheel Only)$13.00
Standby or Temporary Custodian Designation$4.25