Office Fees

Abstract Services

Recording Documents$46
Well Certificate$50
Record Plat$56
Copy of Plat$10 + $5 for Certification
Record Condominium$56
Copy of Condominium$10

Torrens Services

File Deed (Includes New Certificate)$46
File Any Other Document$46 ($20 for Multiple Certificate Entries)
Well Certificate$50
File Plat$56 + $40 for Each New Certificate
Copy of Plat$10 + $5 for Certification
File Condominium$56 + $40 for Each New Certificate
Copy of Condominium$10
File Registered Land Survey$56 + $40 for Each New Certificate
Certified Copy of Registered Land Survey$15
Residue Certificate$40
Exchange Certificate$20 for Each Old Certificate and $20 for Each New One
Condition of Register$10


Miscellaneous Copies$1 per page
Copies from large book$3 per page
Copies from book which comes apart$3 per page
Certified Copes$10
Handling Fee$5
Aerial Photo$2
Copy of Plat - Electronic PDF$10
Expedite Fee$25
Research Fee$25

RecordEASE Web

Set-Up Fee$50 per Subscriber
Monthly Subscription Fee$50 per Subscriber
View Recorded Documents$2 per document
View Certificates of Title (Torrens)$3 per certificate
View Tract Card$5 per tract
View Recorded Plat$10 per plat