Document Standards

Minnesota Statute 507.093

Document Standards are effective August 1, 1997 for documents executed after July 31, 1997.

Anyone producing a form should always leave a 3-inch blank space at the top of the 1st page and follow the other standards as well. Do not try to make your own Minnesota Uniform Conveyance Blank Form without leaving the blank 3 inches at the top of the 1st page. All exhibits attached to a document must also comply with the document standards. The following represent the 7 document standards contained in Minnesota Statute 507.093.

7 Document Standards

The following standards are imposed on documents to be recorded or filed with the county recorder or filed with the registrar of titles.

  1. Standard 1
  2. Standard 2
  3. Standard 3
  4. Standard 4
  5. Standard 5
  6. Standard 6
  7. Standard 7

Standard 1

The document shall consist of one or more individual sheets measuring no larger than 8.5 inches by 14 inches.

  • The largest size sheet that will be considered standard is 8.5 inches by 14 inches.
  • Fan folded mortgages for example that are 8.5 inches by 42 inches long are non-standard.
  • Large exhibits such as surveys or maps attached to a document make the document non-standard.
  • No mention was made in the law as to how small the sheet can be but if it's too small to read, Standard Number 2 (print size) or Number 7 (legible to reproduce) applies.
  • Documents such as plats, registered land surveys, condominiums, CICs, and certified copies of surveys are exempt because theses are statutory documents or certified copies.