Fee Schedules

Sheriff's Office

Burning PermitsNo Charge
Photocopies$.25 / page
Double sided Copies$.50 / page
Photos (Old case)$25
Photo CD$15
In Car Video$15
Copy of Telephone Calls$15
Civil Fingerprints$10 / card
Vehicle Storage$5 / day
Deputy Security (2 hour minimum)$100 / hour
Deputy Security at Lockout (1st 1/2 hour no fee)$100 / hour
Wedding Dance Security at Johnson Hall$150 / event
Fax$1 / first page

$.50 / each additional page
Permit to Carry (New)$100
Permit to Carry Renewal$75 (90 days prior to expire)

$85 (Within 30 days of expiration)
Duplicate Permit to Carry / Address Change$10


Booking Fee$15 / booking
Huber Law$20 / day
Out of County Housing$60 / day
Drug Test$20
Medical Co-pay$5 / visit
Prescription Co-pay$5 / visit

Civil Process

Service of Civil Papers$65 / person
1st 3 Attempts Include Mileage, More Than 3 Attempts$20
Not Found$30
Duplicate Return of Service$10
Posting Sale Notice$65 / location
Sales (Conducting sale and preparation of certificate)$100
Mortgage Foreclosure Sale$100
Cancellation of Foreclosure Sale (Without 24 hour notice)$65
Issuance of Certificate of Redemption$250
Levy and Re-Levy Service$65
Miscellaneous Costs - Execution$10
Collection of Execution6%
Execution Unsatisfied$65
Receiving Notice of Intent to Redeem$100
Taking Bond$8