Maternal & Child Health


Nicollet County Public Health offers prenatal and postpartum home visits to all families living in Nicollet County at no cost to you. During the visit you may receive information on:

  • Community resources, information, and referrals
  • Information on prenatal care, labor and delivery and breastfeeding
  • Prenatal and childbirth education
  • Preterm labor prevention
  • Tips on providing a safe and healthy environment for your child
  • Leap to Learn Program for parents of newborns
  • A check of your baby's health, growth, and development
  • Nutrition, infant care, sleeping, behavior and other parenting concerns
  • Ideas from the Follow Along Program to stimulate your child's growth and development
  • As your child gets older, please contact us if you need information about any of the following:
    • Assistance with behavioral concerns
    • Information on immunizations and Child and Teen Checkups (CTC)
    • Resources for special needs children and their families
    • Family planning information
    • Parenting support