Leap to Learn

  Kangaroo with a kid in it’s pouch.

All parents of newborns are contacted and offered a home visit from a maternal child health nurse to discuss their feeding, health, and developmental questions. The visit includes a Leap to Learn gift pack which contains a children's book, other health, safety and developmental information. Parents also have the opportunity to enroll in the Follow Along Program at that time.

Importance of Early Development

During the 1st year, an infant learns to count on their parents for all physical and emotional needs. This is how babies learn to trust.

These early attachments have a vital influence on an infant's brain development. Brain structure is highly affected by a child's early experiences and shapes the way people learn, think, and behave for the rest of their life.

Program Details

These home visits are free and confidential.

To find out more information or schedule a visit to your home, call Rebecca Willette at 507-934-7226 or email Rebecca Willette.