Women, Infants & Children (WIC) & Nutrition

WIC                                         Breastfeeding Friendly               

About the Program

WIC is a nutrition education program that helps families eat well and stay healthy. WIC can help pregnant women learn about nutritious foods for a healthy pregnancy and birth, support breastfeeding and help new moms meet their breastfeeding goals, and support families in providing nutritious foods to their young children so they are healthy, happy and ready to learn.

WIC Expectations

  • Keep scheduled appointments: Call the WIC office if you need to cancel your appointment and reschedule.
  • Common courtesy: Treat WIC and store staff with respect and courtesy.
  • Honesty: Always provide accurate information to the WIC staff. If you hide facts to get WIC benefits, you may be taken off the program.

WIC Appointments

  1. We check to see if mom and/or child are eligible for WIC.
  2. Mom and/or child have their weight, height, and hemoglobin measured. Hemoglobin is measured by a quick finger stick.
  3. WIC health professionals talk to mom about good nutrition and healthy eating for their family.
  4. If eligible, a WIC card will be issued to buy healthy foods.
  5. Mom is informed of next appointment where she will learn more about good nutrition for the family and WIC card will be reloaded.

Call the WIC Clinic if:

  • You are unable to keep your next appointment
  • You have questions about nutrition or breastfeeding
  • Your WIC card is lost or stolen
  • Your name, address, or phone number changes
  • You have comments or concerns as your feedback is important to us

Locating a WIC Clinic

To find the nearest clinic in Minnesota, call 1-800-942-4030.

Nicollet County’s  primary WIC clinic is located in the Health and Human Services Building, 622 S. Front St., St. Peter, MN 56082.  Nicollet County also provides WIC services in our North Mankato location, 2070 Howard Drive every Tuesday of the month. The WIC office is closed on Fridays.  For assistance, call 507-934-8262.