Internship Program

Internship Requirements

  • Course work including major in Corrections, Social Work, or related field
  • 400 internship hours required
  • Volunteer experience preferred, but not required
  • Applications must be received in 8-10 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester desired
  • 3.0 GPA in declared major preferred

Internship Calendar

Internship BeginsApplications Accepted StartingNicollet County Interviews
August - Fall SemesterMarchApril
January - Spring SemesterMayOctober
May - SummerJanuaryFebruary

Internship Expectations

Nicollet County Community Corrections interns complete a rotation among all agents so the intern is provided the opportunity to explore all types of caseloads within the department. Interns are assigned two lead agents that they will communicate with weekly regarding their progress, questions, or any concerns they may have. General expectations include:

  • Small caseload management
  • Client contacts
  • Completion of Pre-Dispositional Reports (PDRs)
  • Completion of Pre-Sentence Investigations (PSIs)

The intern is also expected to complete a research project during the semester that will provide a learning experience and also benefit the department.

Internship Policies & Procedures

All interns should be aware that the supervising probation agent or director has the authority to terminate the internship at any time for unacceptable performance or failing to abide by the professional ethics of the field of corrections, including the maintenance of confidentiality.

Application Process

To apply for an internship in Nicollet County, please include a resume including volunteer experience, college transcript, and the Intern Application (PDF) and mail to:
Nicollet County Community Corrections
C/O Rich Molitor, Probation Director
Nicollet County Government Center
501 S. Minnesota Avenue
St. Peter, MN 56082


The potential intern will participate in an interview process which may be competitive with other students. A writing sample of a case history is also completed at the time of the interview.

For More Information

For further questions, please contact Rich Molitor, Director, Nicollet County Community Corrections at 507-934-7884.