Mandated Programs & Services

As is the case with many local governmental entities, the county probation departments are not immune from mandated services from the State of Minnesota. A partial listing of the mandated services is as follows:

  • Pre-Trial Bail Evaluations (MS 629.74 Subd. 15): Legislation calls for pretrial bail evaluations to be conducted for all crimes of violence and selected other crimes prior to a defendant being released from custody after being arrested by law enforcement.
  • Chemical Use Assessment for DWI Offenders (MS 169A.70 Subd. 2): State law calls for a chemical use assessment for any individual who is arrested for a DWI violation.
  • DNA Testing for Sex Offenders (MN 609.117): Law requires that any individual convicted or adjudicated for a sex offense have a blood sample taken for the purposes of having the DNA registered with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Records are kept at the BCA, which allows future investigations to match DNA samples with existing samples that are on file.
  • Sex Offender Evaluation (MS 609-3457, Subd. 1): Law requires that any individual convicted or adjudicated for a sex offense have an evaluation performed to determine whether or not sex offender specific treatment is warranted as part of the sentence or disposition.
  • Predatory Offender Registration (MS 243.166): Law requires that all convicted or adjudicated sex offenders register with the State of Minnesota and to keep officials informed of their address well past the time that they are off probation.
  • Gambling Assessments (MS 609.115, Subd. 9): Law requires that certain offenders are mandated to have a gambling assessment conducted prior to disposition or sentencing to determine if that individual is identified as a compulsive gambler and whether or not gambling specific treatment is appropriate.
  • Domestic Abuse Assessments (MS 609.2244): Law requires that any individual charged with Domestic Abuse or Violation for an Order for Protection have a domestic abuse assessment completed prior to sentencing. That assessment is intended to determine whether or not the individual should be ordered to complete treatment specific to domestic abuse issues.
  • Parent/School Notification of Juvenile Dispositional Orders (MS 260.165): Law requires that both schools and parents of juveniles be provided a copy of the dispositional court order if the offense occurred on school property or any number of other offenses, including offenses involving violence and/or drugs.
  • Pre-Placement Screening Committee (MS 260B.157, Subd. 3): Law requires all juvenile out-of-home placements exceeding 30 days be pre-screened by a committee organized by a local social service agency.
  • Mental Health Screening (MS 245.4871, Subd 1): Law requires all juveniles to have a mental health screening when found to be delinquent.