The mission of Nicollet County Community Corrections is to proactively seek to reduce the incidence and impact of crime and delinquency in our communities.

Department Services

Community Corrections provides the Nicollet County District Court with a variety of services under the authority of Minnesota Statute 244.19. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Bail evaluations
  • Chemical use assessments
  • Chemical use pre-screen reports
  • Domestic abuse investigations
  • Mental health screens
  • Placement of offenders in appropriate community and residential programs
  • Pretrial supervision
  • Probation supervision to juvenile, adult misdemeanor, and gross misdemeanor offenders
  • Providing pre-dispositional reports, pre-sentence investigation reports, probation violation reports, reference reports, review and discharge reports

Duties & Responsibilities

We collect restitution, provide local community service work crews, refer offenders to selected education and treatment programs based on their individual needs, attend staff meetings at school and residential programs, provide electronic monitoring of cases, and ensure selected offenders receive random drug and alcohol testing.

When providing these services, this department strives to maintain a balance of providing public safety, community restoration and restitution, and offender competency building. All of these and other services are provided under the direction of the Nicollet County District Court and within Minnesota Statutes.


  • Society has a right to be protected from individuals who cause harm to others.
  • The community is a partner in addressing issues affecting the criminal justice system.
  • Where public safety is not compromised, the interests of most offenders are best served through community based alternative sentences.
  • All people will be treated with respect and dignity and human beings are capable of change.
  • Individuals should leave the criminal justice system in a position to be more productive citizens than prior to entrance into the system.