Sheriff's Office


It is the mission of the Nicollet County Sheriff's Office to provide quality and effective law enforcement services to the residents of Nicollet County with respect, dignity, and pride.

Covering Nicollet County

Nicollet County is located in south central Minnesota and closely resembles an isosceles triangle with 104.6 miles of Minnesota River front. Within the 280,866 total acres in Nicollet County, almost 245,000 acres is farmland with 24,000 acres of forest land and 12,000 acres of wetland. The county is composed of 5 cities and 13 townships for a total area of 439 square miles.

Responsibilities of the Sheriff

The sheriff is the only law enforcement officer elected by and responsible directly to the people of Nicollet County. The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county and is charged with the duty to "keep and preserve the peace of his county." The duties of the sheriff and his office continue to become more complex with the rapid legislative changes in laws we operate under today. The most important functions are serving the public and giving the taxpayers of Nicollet County the best public safety it can with the resources it has available.

Support Staff

The Nicollet County Sheriff's Office consists of the sheriff, chief deputy, 2 administrative support specialists, 2 investigators,1 fraud investigator, 10 deputies, a records coordinator, a jail administrator, jail programmer, 13 correctional officers, a 911 coordinator, 10 911 dispatchers, and 1 emergency manager/deputy sheriff. There are 10 part-time positions that cover for the jail, dispatch, and bailiffing. The Sheriff's Office also has 21 volunteers that make up the Sheriff's Posse and Reserve units which assist the sheriff with special details.

Detention Facility & 911 Dispatch

The detention facility which was updated in 1984 has a capacity of 34 inmates. The Sheriff's Office is the answering point for all 911 calls and also dispatches for the following agencies:

  • Courtland Fire Department
  • Lafayette Fire Department and Ambulance Service
  • Nicollet Fire Department
  • North Mankato Police and Fire Departments
  • St. Peter Fire Department  

Proposed Body Camera Policy - July 20, 2023