Foster Care

Child Foster Care Licensing

Child foster care provides a safe and temporary home setting for children who cannot remain with their birth families. On a daily, a foster parent provides the child with food, clothing, shelter, and emotional support while the child works on reunification with their birth family. There are different types of child foster care in Nicollet County.

Foster care is often temporary and the child usually continues to visit their birth family while they work at reuniting. While the child is out of the home, Social Services works at providing services and resources to aide in reuniting. If this is not possible, family members and other people important in the child's life are contacted to provide a permanent home setting. Occasionally foster parents are asked to provide permanent foster care, accept a transfer of legal custody, or adopt the child in their care.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or would like more information, please contact Nicollet County Human Services.

Foster Care/Respite Care