Types of Support

Orders for child support generally include 3 types of support, basic, medical, and child care support. In Minnesota, the court addresses all 3 types of child support but may not order all 3.

Basic Support
Basic Support is for expenses relating to the child's care, housing, food, clothing, and transportation. The basic support obligation does not include payment toward arrears.

Medical Support
In Minnesota, the court requires that children be covered by health and dental insurance. The court may order a parent to:
  • Cover reasonable and necessary medical expenses
  • Pay a minimum dollar amount per month (in addition to the basic support amount) toward the cost of insurance or medical expenses
  • Pay a portion of uninsured medical or dental expenses
  • Purchase insurance
Child Care Support
The court must review child care expenses that occur when the parent the child lives with, works, or goes to school. Using each parent's income, the court decides each parent's portion of financial responsibility for child care support.