Health Care Coverage


Medical Assistance Programs (MA) pays for medical care for low-income Minnesota residents. There are eligibility requirements for the program. Federal and state dollars pay for MA. This program is different from Medicare, which is a federal health insurance program for people over 65 and for certain people with disabilities.

Applying for Medical Assistance

Apply for MA online, print the MNSure Application (PDF) and mail it in, or go to Nicollet County Health and Human Services to obtain an application. You can apply even if you are not sure that you are eligible. When you apply, you will be asked for proof of some of the information you give.

Your eligibility worker may ask you to provide:proof of current unearned income

  • proof of ownership for stocks, bonds, savings certificates, trust funds, or other financial assets
  • your last checking or savings account statement and/or sign a release-of-information form for your bank
  • your pay stubs for all family members who are employed for the last 30 days and/or your most recent tax form

Long Term Care

Long term care is medical assistance for people in nursing homes or requesting waiver services. Waiver services can be received in an assisted living facility or in your own home.