Income and Food Assistance

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MNBenefits - to apply for Food, Cash, Emergency Assistance, GRH (Housing Support) and/or Child Care Assistance online.

MNsure - for healthcare assistance

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If you have any questions please call the Health & Human Services office at 507-934-8559.

Public Assistance Programs

Nicollet County Human Services provides financial support to elderly, disabled and low-income residents of Nicollet County. Eligibility for the program(s) is based on the household’s income and assets. The amount of monthly benefits is based on income and the number of people in the household. Upon receipt of the application an interview will be scheduled. The initial month’s benefits are based on the date the first page of the application is received by the agency.

SNAP Program

The Snap Program is a county run, federal program that helps single persons or families with low incomes get the food that is needed. The program issues electronic food support benefits on an EBT Card that can help supplement your food budget. Expedited SNAP supplies benefits quickly to households whose basic living needs exceed their monthly income. If you are eligible, benefits will be issued within 5 working days.

Diversionary Work Program (DWP)

Diversionary Work Program is a 4 month program that helps lower-income families find a job. The goal of DWP is to help parents immediately go to work rather than go on public assistance. When most families first apply for cash assistance, they will participate in DWP, however some families may be referred to MFIP.

General Assistance Program (GA)

General Assistance Program is a program to provide cash payments to persons who do not qualify for federal categorized assistance but meets the State General Assistance requirements.

Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA)

Minnesota Supplemental Aid is a program to provide payments to aged, blind, or disabled persons to supplement available income.

Housing Support formerly known as Group Residential Housing (GRH)

The Housing Support program pays for room and board for seniors and adults with disabilities who have low incomes. The program aims to reduce and prevent people from living in institutions or becoming homeless.

Emergency Assistance / Emergency General Assistance (EA / EGA) 

Limited time programs to assist individuals with evictions, utility disconnections, etc.

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)

Some families may be referred to MFIP when they first apply for assistance or after they finish 4 months of DWP. MFIP helps families transition to economic stability. Parents are expected to work, and are supported in working. Most families can get cash assistance but the typical deadline is 60 months in a lifetime.

Refugee Assistance

The refugee resettlement program coordinates services to assist refugees in transitioning to their life in the United States. These services include resettlement and placement, cash, medical assistance, and employment and social services.

Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance Programs (MA) pays for medical care for low-income Minnesota residents. There are eligibility requirements for the program. Federal and state dollars pay for MA. This program is different from Medicare, which is a federal health insurance program for people over 65 and for certain people with disabilities. For more information about programs offered under medical assistance click here.