Child support

Our agency does not assist with issues related to custody and/or parenting time. For more information regarding custody and/or parenting time visit the Minnesota Judicial Branch Self-Help Center. 

The Child Support Department is responsible for trying to locate absent parents; adjudication of paternity for non-marital children; legal establishment, enforcement and modification of support obligations which may include basic, medical and dental, and/or child care support; monitoring payment activities, and maintaining financial case records related to child support orders.

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You may apply for child support services by filling out the Child Support Application (PDF) and returning it to Nicollet County Health & Human Services, or by using the new electronic application at Either parent and/or guardian can apply for Child Support services.  Either parent can apply for Child Support services.

If you are receiving public assistance (Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP), Medical Assistance, and/or Child Care Assistance), and the other parent does not live in your home, your case will be automatically referred to our Child Support Department.  

Payment and Account Information:

Payment and account information is available by visiting Minnesota Child Support Online or by calling the Minnesota Child Support Information and Payment line at 800-657-3512. You will need your child support participant number and your personal identification number (PIN).

Child Support payments can be mailed directly to the Minnesota Child Support Payment Center, P.O. Box 64326, Saint Paul, MN 55164-0326. Cash payments may also be conveniently made through PayNearMe. Contact your Child Support Officer to find out how.

For information regarding direct deposit, please contact your child support worker or visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services Direct Deposit. To set up direct deposit or request a Stored Value Card (Reliacard), you will be required to submit your information directly to the Minnesota Child Support Payment Center (see address above).

If you need information about your child support case or would like additional information about our services or our outreach child support presentation, please contact our agency.

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