Veterans' License Plates

How to Apply

You must apply for veteran plates at a deputy registrar office or by mailing a Special Plate Application (PDF) and appropriate fees to: 

Driver and Vehicle Services
445 Minnesota Street
Suite 164
St. Paul, MN 55101

The applicant must supply a copy of their separation papers (DD214) showing discharge under honorable condition, or if still in the military, a current military ID.

Laos veterans will need to supply a copy of the Laos War Veteran Certificate or similar information.


Initial application fees are $10 for the plate and $10.00 for the filing. There is an additional $5 surcharge for Iraq, Afghanistan, and Global War on Terrorism plates.

There is no fee for Ex-POW or Congressional Medal of Honor plates.

Types of Plates

Veteran plates may be displayed on any passenger-class vehicle, 1-ton pickup, or self-propelled recreational vehicle, owned or jointly owned by a veteran.

Motorcycle plates are also available for Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Global War on Terrorism, Woman Veteran, Proud to be a Veteran, Korean Defense, and Congressional Medal of Honor. Motorcycle plates are different due to space limitations.

Most plates may be ordered with a disability decal if the applicant qualifies for disability license plates.

Members of the Minnesota National Guard: Plates may be issued to passenger class vehicles owned by a regular enlisted, commissioned, or retired member of the Minnesota National Guard. Plate fee is $10.

Gold Star Family: Gold Star License plates are available on passenger cars and motorcycles. The parent, spouse, sibling or child of a person who has died while honorably serving in active military service may apply for these plates.

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