Property Tax Refunds

Types of Refunds

The property tax refund is intended to provide tax relief to those whose property tax is relatively high compared to their household income.

Renter Refunds

Renters may also qualify because the legislature estimates that 19% of their rent goes to pay property taxes on their residence.

Special Refunds

Besides the regular property tax refund, homeowners may also qualify for a special refund if their net property taxes increased by at least $100 and over 12% from the prior year.

Eligibility Requirements

Every claimant shall include with his claim a copy of his property tax statement indicating that there are no delinquent property taxes on the homestead. If you need an additional copy of your tax statement for filing purposes, you may make a photo copy of the statement you received or you may contact the Public Service's Office.

Determining Eligibility

To determine if you are eligible for the Property Tax Refund, you must complete form M1PR.

Or, visit the eFile Express website to use a free service tool to calculate your refund amount.

M1PR Forms

You may call the Minnesota Department of Revenue at 651-296-4444 to obtain a form.

Application & Refund Process

The due date for the M1PR is August 15, but returns will be accepted and processed through August 15 of the next year. Refunds will be mailed in late September or early October if received by the August 15 deadline. Otherwise, you can expect your refund within 60 days of when filed. You may receive your refund earlier if you file electronically.

For More Information

You can also download the form and other tax-related information from the Minnesota Department of Revenue website.