Public Services

Please arrive no later than 3:45 for driver's license transactions.

Property Taxes

  • The Public Services Department administers many aspects of the property taxation process. This involves calculating adjustments to the tax base for tax increment and fiscal disparities; calculating tax rates for each taxing district based on their levies; calculating tax and credit amounts for each property; applying special assessment or ditch assessments; coordinating the scheduling of proposed taxation meetings and preparation of the proposed property tax notice; calculation and preparation of the final tax statements.
  • This department also calculates abatements or additions to the tax roll, settlement of tax dollars collected to the taxing districts, collects delinquent tax, interest, penalties and fees; administers the delinquent tax forfeiture process and distributes proceeds of sale; maintains special assessments and ditches certified for collection.
  • The Public Services Department is responsible for maintaining the property tax files, which are used to generate the tax and assessment rolls. We process all legal instruments that convey land, such as warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, plats and adjust the abstract books and maps to reflect the process. We process land combinations; name/address changes; splits to property and the vacation of roads and annexation of land. We also calculate and collect state deed tax, mortgage registration tax and review all certificates of real estate value


  • The Public Services Department administers the county functions of Federal, State and Local elections. This process involves registration of voters; candidate filings; ballot layout; electronic tabulation programming; absentee voting; Election Day signature rosters; election night results; abstracts; maintaining voter history and administering county recounts. This office also trains election judges and is a resource to cities, townships and school districts in the election process. This office also handles the tabulation of election results and updates the information to the Secretary of State.

Drainage Ditches

  • The Public Service Office is the keeper of the financial records for each drainage system and is responsible for filing ditch liens and assessments for maintenance.

Business Licenses

  • The division issues all 3.2 beer, liquor, tobacco, gambling permits and auctioneer licenses in the townships of Nicollet County.

License Center

  • The Public Services Manager also serves as the Deputy Registrar of the Nicollet County License and Service Centers. The license center handles motor vehicle transactions (including automobiles, boat, snowmobile, all-terrain, motorcycle and trailer licensing), game, and fish and driver licensing .


  • The Public Services Department maintains Vital Statistics Records. These records consist of birth, death and marriage documents. Also covered in this department is the registration of notary public commissions and ordinations.