Child Support

About the Program

Minnesota maintains a county-based child support enforcement program providing services to parents who both owe support and who are entitled to receive support. Child support enforcement services is legally obligated to provide child support services to families regardless of whether the family receives public assistance.

The Attorney's Office provides legal services to the Nicollet County Child Support and Recovery Unit, the public authority that handles child support matters in Nicollet County. These legal services include paternity establishment actions, actions brought for reimbursement of public assistance, and actions brought to establish, modify, or enforce a child support order.

Child support officers, support staff, and supervisors in the Child Support and Recovery Unit handle the day-to-day administration of the 1,513 cases that are open in Nicollet County. In state fiscal year 2013, $4,792,616.40 in child support was collected and disbursed in Nicollet County.

Attorney-Client Relationship Policy

There is no attorney-client relationship between the county attorney and either parent involved in a child support case. In other words, the Attorney's Office does not represent the interests of the child for whom support is ordered, the parent entitled to receive the support, or the parent obligated to pay the support. In child support cases, the county attorney represents Nicollet County's interest in ensuring that appropriate child support orders are obtained and enforced.