Juvenile Diversion Program

About the Program

The Attorney's Office maintains a juvenile diversion program. The juvenile prosecutor, in consultation with Nicollet County Court Services, considers whether to send the juvenile through the diversion program based on specific criteria established by the Nicollet County Attorney.

Diversion Program Contract

The diversion program offers juveniles, who admit they broke the law, an opportunity to avoid a juvenile court record. They sign a contract to complete certain requirements that address their unlawful behavior including community work service, restitution to the victim, programs on theft awareness, peaceful alternatives to conflict, or other appropriate programs.

Successful Program Completion

If the juvenile successfully completes the diversion contract, their case will not be sent to court. The community benefits from diversion programs as the juvenile typically has a swifter consequence as compared to cases that go through Juvenile Court. Juveniles who participate in diversion programs have a low recidivism rate.