Maternal & Child Health


Nicollet County Public Health offers home visits to all families living in Nicollet County at no cost to you. During the visit you may receive information on:

  • Community resources, information, and referrals
  • Information on prenatal care, labor and delivery and breastfeeding
  • Prenatal and childbirth education
  • Preterm labor prevention
  • Tips on providing a safe and healthy environment for your child
  • Leap to Learn Program for parents of newborns
  • A check of your baby's health, growth, and development
  • Nutrition, infant care, sleeping, behavior and other parenting concerns
  • Ideas from the Follow Along Program to stimulate your child's growth and development
  • Assistance with behavioral concerns
  • Information on immunizations and Child and Teen Checkups (CTC)
  • Resources for special needs children and their families
  • Family planning information
  • Parenting support