Loan Closet

Short-Term Equipment Loan
The Loan Closet provides a public service for people needing personal care equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, bath benches, crutches, canes, commodes, and smaller pieces.

Users must be a resident of or own property or land in Nicollet County. Equipment is loaned on a short-term basis not to exceed 6 months.

Long-Term Equipment Loan

When equipment needs are likely to be long-term, insurance may cover the costs of purchasing equipment from a medical supply store if insurance guidelines are met and there is a written prescription from a physician.  During the 6-month loan period, you are encouraged to contact your physician to determine if your equipment needs may qualify for reimbursement from insurance.

Liability Policy
Since some of the items in the Loan Closet have been donated after being used by institutions or individuals, Nicollet County Public Health makes no express or implied warranties or guarantees as to the condition of the equipment being loaned.

Loan Deposit
There will be a deposit required when loaning out equipment. The deposit fee is required as a condition of the loan for Nicollet County residents. If equipment is kept longer than 6 months, the original deposit will be forfeited and a 2nd deposit will be required.
Equipment Type
 Wheelchair or Knee Walkers
 1 Single Item
 2 - 3 Items
 4 or More Items

Deposit Refunds
Deposits may be refunded if the equipment is returned clean, on time and in good condition.

Monetary donations are appreciated and are used to maintain and continue the service. For more information, please call 507-934-7220.