Public Health

Duties & Responsibilities

The mission and purpose of Nicollet County Public Health is to promote, protect, and preserve the health of county residents by offering:
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Public Health Education
The public is invited to contact Public Health to learn more about:
  • Promoting healthy communities and healthy behaviors
  • Preventing the spread of infectious disease
  • Preparing for and responding to disasters and assisting communities in recovery
  • Assuring the quality and accessibility of healthy services
  • Maintaining an adequate local public health infrastructure
Reporting Health Illnesses & Emergencies
If you are ill, contact your health care provider. To report an emergency, call 911.

Reporting Natural or Man-Made Emergencies
To report a natural or man-made emergency that may have serious public health consequences for the community, call the Minnesota Department of Health Emergency Operations at 651-201-5735.
Reporting Infectious Diseases
Physicians reporting an infectious diseases, call 651-201-5414 or 1-877-676-5414.

Reporting Foodborne Illness

To report a Foodborne Illness call the Brown-Nicollet Environmental Health office at: 
507-934-4140 or the Minnesota Foodborne Illness Hotline at 1-877-366-3455.

Nicollet County is now offering FREE sharps disposal.Sharps Disposal

It is important to manage and dispose of needles, lancets, and syringes (sharps) safely to prevent injury and disease transmission from needle-sticks. Never leave needles or syringes on streets, in parks, or anywhere else where someone could get injured.

Residents can bring in their home use needles/sharps in a hard sided container.  Some examples of appropriate containers are : store bought BD sharps
containers,  coffee can with a lid, laundry detergent bottle with a screw on top, milk jug with a cap.
Drop off location:
Public Health Office located in the Health & Human Service Building,
622 S. Front St., St. Peter, MN 56082- during the hours of 8-4:30pm; Monday- Friday.

Cost: FREE  

Any Questions? contact the Public Health office at 934-7220.
This program is made possible with the support from Nicollet County Environmental Services, Public Health, and Tri County Solid Waste.