Juvenile Services

Caseload Responsibilities
Nicollet County Probation Officers are responsible for supervising all juvenile probation and parole cases assigned by the Nicollet County District Court and Minnesota Department of Corrections. Specific caseload responsibilities include:
  • Investigation and preparing pre-dispositional investigations
  • Monitoring offender compliance with court-ordered conditions
  • Documenting casework
  • Completing all necessary adjustment and discharge reports
  • Completing restitution investigations and coordinating restitution payments with the District Court Administrator's Office
  • Supervising all court assigned community work service
Probation Officers are also responsible for the promotion of public relations and community awareness of the juvenile justice system and to work as a liaison to other boards, associations, or agencies.
Community Work Service Program
For over 16 years, Nicollet County Probation Department has had a staff person who has taken juveniles assigned to do community work service, either through juvenile court or the diversion process, to work on projects throughout the county under the supervision of an adult supervisor. These work sites have been recruited and are continually monitored by the Juvenile Crew Leader. Community service work sites offer a varied degree of work experiences that allow the juveniles to provide a service to their community. 
Electronic Surveillance Program
Nicollet County Probation Department utilizes electronic surveillance equipment for juveniles as an alternative to detention. Probation officers make recommendations to the District Court regarding the appropriateness of releasing a juvenile on electronic monitoring to his/her parent or guardian's custody pending further hearings or disposition. Nicollet County Probation Department also uses electronic monitoring as a condition/sanction of a juvenile's probation. Juveniles and their families are responsible for the per diem fee assessed for the cost of the program. We have used this option for juvenile offenders both as an alternative for detention as well as short term consequential programming.
Juvenile Diversion Program
Nicollet County Probation offers a juvenile diversion program for first-time minor offenders.  These juveniles are diverted from the juvenile court upon agreement of the Attorney's Office and the Probation Department. The Probation Department meets with these juveniles and their parent(s) and provides programming that we feel will deter further delinquent activity.
First-Time Offenders Programs
The Probation Department provides a number of opportunities for first time juvenile offenders.  Many of these are educational groups which are run within the department, as well as several where we make referrals to other agencies. Popular options outside the department include the  At Risk Chemical Health Education and Resilience (ARCHER) Program and the Program for Encouragement of Responsible Thinking (PERT) Program.
Cognitive Skills Classes
Staff members in the department have been trained to facilitate an 18-week cognitive skills class for both adults and juveniles. This program operates through a curriculum called, "Thinking for a Change," which helps assist offenders in examining and correcting thinking errors.

Teen Group
Nicollet County Probation offers a Teen Group for young people who are under the supervision of the Probation Department. Participants are usually between the ages of 12 and 15. The group works on building important skills such as responsibility, coping with stress, building positive relationships with others, and problem solving. The group also discusses decisions young people make that will impact them both now and later in life. Decisions discussed include what to do about school, friendships, parents, and self-worth.
Truancy Liaison Officer
In 2012, Nicollet County funded a new position through a grant. This position works directly with schools in Nicollet County to reduce truancy numbers and initiate contact with the student at the first sign of school tardiness.

Drug Testing
Drug testing has been incorporated into our services for the past 16 years through means of PBTs, urine analysis collection with lab confirmation, as well as instant urine tests.  

Project Nighthawk
Project Nighthawk joins probation officers and law enforcement in partnership to ensure compliance of court orders through random home visits to hold clients accountable to probation conditions such as drug and alcohol testing.