Child Support


Child Support is the financial obligation that 1 parent may be ordered to pay to the other parent for their child(ren). Child support orders may include amounts for basic, medical, and/or child care support. We can help you with establishing paternity (the legal relationship between a father and a child), obtaining or changing an order for child support, and the ongoing collection of any amounts ordered. Child support units in Minnesota cannot help persons with issues related to custody or visitation of a child(ren). The Child Support Unit along with the county attorney can assist with:
  • Child Support Application (PDF)
  • Collecting and processing payments
  • Enforcing court orders for basic, medical and dental, and child care support
  • Establishing court orders for basic, medical, and child care support
  • Establishing parentage
  • Locating parents
  • Reviewing and modifying court orders for basic, medical, and child care support
  • Working with other states to enforce support orders
If you are not receiving public assistance (MFIP, Medical Assistance, or Child Care Assistance), you can apply for Child Support Services through your county child support office. There is a 2% fee for each payment collected.

If you receive public assistance and you are the parent of a minor child whose other parent does not live in your home, you do not have to pay the fee. Your case is automatically referred for Child Support Services.