Veterans' License Plates

How to Apply
You must apply for veteran plates at a deputy registrar office or by mailing a Special Plate Application (PDF) and appropriate fees to:
Driver and Vehicle Services
445 Minnesota St.
Suite 164
St. Paul, MN 55101

The applicant must supply a copy of their separation papers (DD214) showing discharge under honorable condition, or if still in the military, a current military ID. Laos veterans will need to supply a copy of the Laos War Veteran Certificate or similar information.

Initial application fees are $10 for the plate and $8.50 for the filing. There is an additional $5 surcharge for Iraq, Afghanistan, and Global War on Terrorism plates. There is no fee for Ex-POW or Congressional Medal of Honor plates.

Types of Plates
Most plates may be ordered with a disability decal if the applicant qualifies for disability license plates
Most veteran plates may be displayed on any passenger class vehicle or self-propelled recreational vehicle, owned or jointly owned by a veteran. Motorcycle plates are also available for Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Global War on Terrorism. Proud to be a Veteran plates are only available to passenger class vehicles.

Vietnam, Congressional Medal of Honor, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Global War on Terrorism plates may also be displayed on motorcycles. The Iraq, Afghanistan, and Global War on Terrorism motorcycle plates are now available. The license plate is a standard Minnesota plate with a decal of the appropriate service medal. Motorcycle plates are different due to space limitations