Administrator's Office

Administrator Ryan Krosch
The Nicollet County Administrator is Ryan Krosch. Mr, Krosch began with Nicollet County on January 1, 2013.

Duties & Responsibilities
The staff in this office is responsible for central overall administration of county business, administration of the personnel system, and conducting special projects and studies as directed by the commissioners. Duties of this office include:
  • Assisting with work on the commissioner’s budget committee.
  • Coordinating capital projects and improvements
  • Establishes training sessions for county employees
  • Handling questions or complaints from county employees
  • Implementing and enforcing the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act
  • Overseeing the county switchboard
  • Preparing the agenda, minutes and related documents for commissioner meetings
Additional Administrator Duties
The County Administrator serves on many boards and committees representing Nicollet County in addition to working with area legislators and news media. He is designated as the County Board’s official spokesperson and serves as their clerk. The position is appointed by the commissioners.